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Midori Narikiyo: sasaya[ki|cu]bism

Midori Narikiyo, vocalconsort initium

"sasaya[ki|cu]bism" is vocal music for 24 voices that was written in 2019 as a consignment music of premiere performance by vocalconsort initium. We provide new "Whispering Cubism" which is created by multiple recorded sounds and we made different two versions: Song with video as normal edition, and Song which is binaural audio sounds as special edition (recommend using stereo earphones). - Kaoru Tani

Midori Narikiyo - 





Midori Narikiyo - 

sasaya[ki|cu]bism (Binaural Edit)




According to the compositional expression of chorus, people would talk about what is the best part of compositional expression of chorus is "creating harmony" usually, however, in this case and including other cases, "harmony" mostly refers to the sound deposits (vertical). I am sure that many of you have experienced the joy of playing this "harmony" in music classes at school. From that, I would like you to experience "creating harmony" which is the original sounds because it is vocalconsort initium. For the past few years, I've been trying to keep two things in mind when I'm creating a music piece. "the piece which can be seen players' face" and "the piece which listeners can recognize everything". "recognize" in this case means, listeners can listen not only music sounds but "recognizing the unrecognizable things". As a result of finding for a way to achieve these two things for this piece, I decided to use "the surround effect and one person for one voice part". Also, I assigned to imitate sound images and tones, like onomatopoeia rather than defined the text because of I would like to give the real experience of "creating harmony" that is initium's specialty. This auditorium was recorded as a new 24-voice parts, 12-person choral work, but you will be able to experience the same world as well as 24-voice parts by 24-person choral work which is first performance. I believe that you could see chorus players' face one by one through listening this piece. Please enjoy listening and feeling "harmony" created by initium. - Midori Narikiyo

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