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A Survivor of Warsaw (Version for 2 pianos and percussion)

Takashi Matsudaira, USUKI Aoi × AZUMA Yusuke piano duo, vocalconsort initium

The Corona disaster is the reason why I decided to exhibit my moving image works in the auditorium, but it is also the reason why I made this arrangement of Schoenberg's late masterpiece "A survivor of Warsaw", because the Corona disaster gave me some free time, and not because I had a specific performance opportunity in mind. It was not intended for any particular performance occasion. By substituting two pianos and percussion for the orchestral parts, the arrangement was intended to bring out Schoenberg's strong musical structure and to make it possible for a small group to perform it.  The 'narrator', a survivor from the ghetto, is an unflinching denunciation of the inhumanity of the Nazis in the Jewish camps. The final part of the work, in the male chorus, is the prayer of a Jew about to be sent to the gas chambers. (Matsudaira)

Arnold Schoenberg - 

A Survivor of Warsaw (Version for 2 pianos and percussion)




Performance: Takashi Matsudaira (Narrator) USUKI Aoi × AZUMA Yusuke piano duo (Piano) Yuta Yanagisawa (Percussion) vocalconsort initium (Men's Choir) Kota Yanagishima (Conductor)

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