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Open an infinite with a piano, 2 pianists, 20 fingers, and 88 keys

USUKI Aoi × AZUMA Yusuke piano duo

The two artists who blazed a new trail by knocking on the door of the "initium ; auditorium - Hiraku (Open)" will present three great works by Debussy, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.



C. Debussy - 

Prélude à "L'après-midi d'un faune"




W.A. Mozart - 

Sonate in C für Klavier zu vier Händen KV 521


P. Tchaikovsky - 

The Sleeping Beauty Suite from ballet op.66a




C. Debussy: Prélude à "L'après-midi d'un faune". This piece was inspired by the poet Mallarmé's "The Afternoon of a Faun". It was inspired by the poet Mallarmé's "The Afternoon of a Pasture God", a Greek god of farming and herding who loved "bread" and female nymphs. The story is about a summer afternoon when Pan chases after a pretty nymph, but fails to catch her and falls asleep in a dreamy state of exhaustion. The flute at the beginning represents "Pan's flute" made by the music-loving herder. W.A. Mozart: Sonate in C für Klavier zu vier Händen KV 521 The Sonate in C for Klavier zu vier Händen was originally written for two claviers when Mozart was 31 years old, and was completed in Vienna. It is dedicated to Franziska, the sister of his friend Jacquin, who was an excellent piano pupil. The three of them would meet weekly at Jacquin's house for games, chatting and music. The large scale structure and expressiveness of this sonata is reminiscent of his piano concertos. The contrast between the Romanze and the middle section of the second movement in particular is very similar to that of the D minor concerto: Mozart's father, Leopold, died on 28 May 1787, but Mozart, unaware of his father's death, completed the piece the following day. Mozart did not rush to his father's death, nor was he present at his burial. 1st movement Allegro in C major, 4/4 time, Sonata form 2nd movement Andante in F major, three-quarter time, three-part form 3rd movement, Allegretto in C major, 2/4 time, rondo form P. Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty Suite from ballet op.66a The Sleeping Beauty Suite from ballet op.66a was inspired by the fairy tale by the French writer Charles Perrault. The ballet music before Tchaikovsky was in the style of accompaniment music, but this work has the scale of a symphony, and can be called a "symphony of dance". Princess Aurora is blessed and christened, but is cursed by the fairy Carabos; at the age of 16 she sleeps for 100 years, but is awakened by the kiss of King Desiree; they are married, and at the wedding ceremony various fairies are invited to dance with them. The wedding ceremony concludes with a series of dances performed by various fairies. 1. Introduction - The Lilac Fairy 2. Pas d'action: Rose Adagio 3. Pas de caractère: Puss in Boots 4. Panorama (andantino) 5. Valse

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