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Discovered movements, with one flute and violin. Doppler: Sonate op.25 for 2 Flutes and Piano

Manami Etsu, Yuki Funakubo, Aoi Usuki

Op. 25 by Franz Doppler, known for many years under the name of 'Andante and Rondo'. Recently, the first two movements of Op. 25 have been discovered by Schott. We are pleased to present the complete Op 25 including the new movements. It is usually played by two flutes, but in order to open up a new sound, we have decided to play it with flute and violin.





Franz Doppler - 

Sonate op.25 for 2 Flutes and Piano (1st mov.)


Franz Doppler - 

Sonate op.25 for 2 Flutes and Piano (2nd mov.)


Franz Doppler - 

Sonate op.25 for 2 Flutes and Piano (3rd mov.)


Franz Doppler - 

Sonate op.25 for 2 Flutes and Piano (4th mov.)




Franz Doppler, born in Hungary in 1825, was a composer, flutist and conductor. He was a fine flutist, principal player at the Vienna Court Opera and professor at the Vienna Conservatory. He had a younger brother, Karl Doppler, who was four years younger and who also showed great talent in both playing and composing. The Doppler brothers toured Europe as a duet and were very popular. Their flute repertoire includes American national anthems, folk songs and many other themes, which demonstrate their virtuosity and skill. The Sonata for two flutes and piano, Op.25, is one of these works. It was originally intended as a sonata in four movements. However, according to a note in the manuscript, only the last two movements were printed. We don't know exactly why the first and second movements were left out, but... This lost movement was found in Schott's archive and published as a new edition in 2018. 1st movement, Moderato A very impressive octave leap. It has a similar atmosphere to the Andante of the 3rd movement. From the octave motives, the movement gradually develops into an intense, dancing triplets. The duration of the piece is nearly 8 minutes and it is a magnificent beginning of the piece. 2nd movement, Menuetto This is an intense but somehow melancholy Menuetto. The trio, on the other hand, has a beautifully extended melody and the contrast is very interesting. 3rd movement, Andante From this movement, you must be familiar with the melody. From the piano solo at the beginning, this movement is sung with great emotion. Romantic yet dramatic, the 1st and 2nd phrases intertwine beautifully. 4th movement, Rond This movement shows the roots of the Doppler brothers, whose main activities were in Hungary. The two melodies play together in an ensemble with a lively rhythm like a gypsy dance. It's a movement that once you've heard it, you'll love it.

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