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Improvisation for Sen

Masumi Nemoto, Aoi Usuki

We sincerely enjoy playing the piece by listening music notes that has just been born for that moment and feel the air... we create music as improvisation rather than playing the piece as a conventional music. There's nothing that could make me happier than this if you could feel the world through five-sense such as seeing the landscape and smell something when you are listening this piece. We hope that this piece gives different world every time through listening and you could see new color at there. Improvisation means "sound meets sound on the spot". We would like to dedicate our pleasure of relating to auditorium - which is the spot of unexpected meeting with something- to the word, "遷(Sen)".

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Improvisation for Sen




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Improvisation for Sen - Another -




We named "improvisation for SEN" because we would like to express a concept of "遷(Sen)" as time never stops and get inspiration from the sound of "sen" as well. The latter half of the piece has the improvised Japanese lyrics. In an improvised performance, words are very easy to make an image. Therefore, we made "inaudible sounds" intentionally for this piece and made gradations for the words clearer. For example, people could imagine "water" immediately with water sounds, color, and smell. Which means, players could be bound by the image of the word as well. We thought that we could play without being bound by each word with changing the words. On the other hand, we didn't change "the context of piano as an instrumental music" from beginning to the end. We used strong suits of the keyboard instrument which could draw a lot of graphic elements, such as the clear shapes and irregular but clear dots and lines. We would like to pull out some free elements from the world which has NOT kind of free elements by strong suits of the keyboard instrument that cannot change music tones. Ms. Nemoto imagined the brightness of moving forwards while changing from the pronunciation of the word "sen", Ms. Usuki imagined completely different world; there are the darkness swirling around the desire of being the brightness and cheerful speaking. As a result, this piece has two things; "The shape of "Sen" (improvisation for SEN -another)" and "Fusion thing of "sen" (improvisation for SEN)". They inspired each other through discussion even if they had completely different impression and image at first while creating this piece. The live means improvisation. That is the same recognition for both of them.

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